Graphic designer, illustrator and collector of hats,
screenprints and funky socks.


Wale Osunla, is a graphic designer based in Essex, UK. Graduating from both the University of Greenwich and Hertfordshire, he's done with education and is raring to go! With a passion for creating design that speaks volumes and communicating a clear message, he ensures that it maintains character and charisma before being seasoned with charm and a zest of witty copywriting.


From complete re-designs to creating a single logo, Wale will roll up his sleeves and make sure it gets done! Aside from this, having him in the studio can see the arrival of massive bursts of positive energy, optimism, snazzy hats and a willingness to learn or jump from one field to another. He's not afraid to apply a magic touch to any design brief presented to him.

When not immersed in freelance work or writing in the third person, Wale can be found not speaking in third person, appearing in the nearest bookstore pining over books he can't afford yet, watching funny videos on the Internet, building his expansive collection of hats or doing the occasional doodle/illustration (check his instagram for proof).


Currently I'm freelancing and spending time attempting to practice the ukulele.
Think we'd be a good match together? Fire me an email and get in touch.